To create 21st Century leaders and organizations who think more creatively and foster environments of collaboration and diverse thinking.

About the Firm

At KnowledgeSources, our aim is to provide leaders, teams and organizations the turn-key solutions that will support them most effectively based on their business needs. The programs we offer are designed to help everyone become more self-aware, collaborative and results-focused as they learn how to bring their best thinking to teams and manage key stakeholder relationships. As these initiatives build, cultures of engagement and agility are created and reinforced.

About Peggy Decker

KnowledgeSources is a consulting organization started in 2009 by Peggy Decker after many years in the corporate world. Her expertise was solidified and continues around designing solutions that help people realize their full personal and professional potential. She has led project teams and worked with hundreds of subject matter experts in the talent management, strategy, technology and communications areas.

Located in New York City, Peggy has partnered with many Fortune 500 global companies and mid-size firms in a broad array of industries including financial services, consulting, legal, pharmaceutical, technology and consumer products. She and her extensive network of specialists work with business and organizational leaders including executives, human resources professionals, and managers as well as client-facing employees in the areas of operations, technology, marketing and sales.

Peggy also has a passion around developing the next generation of leaders by helping them to grow and make positive choices early on in their lives and careers. As such, she is an active member of:

KnowledgeSources is certified by WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) as a woman-owned business.