The KnowledgeServices team has developed programs and services with a scientific approach that address many of the issues your organization is likely struggling with.


Do your employees’ communications skills reflect well on your company? Is your senior management able to effectively communicate with staff? Are your presentations as polished as they should be? Do employees communicate well with each other, among departments and with customers?

All organizations have the ability to communicate better. KnowledgeServices creates programs that help your organization get the right message to the right people at the right time.

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Leadership Development

21st Century leaders drive companies, motivate employees, create vision and embrace change.

They must also be coached and developed, their skills sharpened along their career path. This takes resources that your company might not have in house or that your Human Resources executives don’t have time to source.

KnowledgeSources provides leadership development, executive coaching, and mentoring for professionals at all levels in a wide variety of skill areas. Our services may be long-term or project-oriented; custom programs are designed, based on the identified areas of development opportunity within your firm, or integrated into existing initiatives.

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Team & Organizational Effectiveness

Bringing in new team members, aligning goals, or transforming an organization from within takes careful planning and execution over time. KnowledgeSources can bring in the experts you need to develop more effective teams, improve employee communications, and lay the groundwork for a common language across the organization.

Driving innovation and faster decision-making across teams starts at the top with 21st century leadership skills, but it is the responsibility of every person and team to make the mindset shifts that result in changed behavior. Through self-awareness & collaboration across teams, we create a common language that drives an agile, results-based culture. Our approach is values and purpose-driven.

KnowledgeSources consultants create programs to help manage company growth, attract high-level candidates, and create a more cohesive workplace—with customized programs to address your particular challenges. Whether enterprise-wide or department-specific, KnowledgeSources’ consultants will develop mentoring, coaching and training programs that may be delivered at your office, at corporate retreats, or remotely. We can coordinate all the activities for you; there’s no need to add another task to your already-full agenda.

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Thought Diversity

Our programs incorporate a cognitive diversity framework for looking at leadership, teams and culture that helps to harness differences in our brains and approaches to thinking, communications, decision-making and problem-solving. The goal is to better understand ourselves…. whether individually or collectively through our various interpersonal relationships. This is true whether working one on one, in teams or as part of a broader organization.

KnowledgeSources uses the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®), a self-assessment survey, to explore participants’ mental diversity. Most people think of diversity in terms of the first three things that psychologists say people notice when meeting someone new: race, gender and age. While all of this is key to creating inclusive organizations, there is probably more diversity in how people think than in any physical aspect of their being. When someone has the self-awareness and ability to communicate how they think to others, the impact on their relationships, team and organizational success is powerful.

This framework can be used within teams, pairs or rolled up organizationally to understand the types of thinking across any large or small group. The goal is to understand the strengths of teams or cluster of relationships as well as what might be less preferred that requires supplemental thinking, learning or guidance. We find that teams at all levels of an organization are most successful and productive with a combination of diverse thinking. The methodology also becomes a common language to help shortcut and expedite interactions driving better, faster results.

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