Reconnecting with Each Other & a 30% Offer

How long has it been since you’ve seen members of your team or any stakeholder for that matter? Are you feeling disconnected with them and others in your life?  Living through this pandemic has been challenging.  Our world has changed forever.  But the importance of human connection has not.  Coming out of this pandemic will be as challenging as it was living through it.  So, as we are nearing a new phase, we will need to keep this in mind as we go back to the office and socialize more with friends & family. 

Whether in-person or virtual, a key approach to connecting is by considering how others think especially in relation to understanding our own thinking.  Once we do that, we can make efforts to be empathic, adapt our communications and even change our behaviors to better reach others. This applies to our co-workers and teammates as well as our spouses and friends. The ,best tool I’ve ever used for this is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®).  If all parties have the self-awareness to understand how they think, the better we can solve problems, manage conflict, and create potential solutions together. 

As many in the corporate world have taken the HBDI®, we now have an opportunity to offer this more broadly to friends & family.  Any individual (spouse, older children, friends, students) can now take the assessment and receive a digital debrief of their results to take our connections to a new level. Please click this link for a description, the full offer and instructions:  30% Offer

Key Takeaway: The importance of building meaningful, authentic relationships is one of the key learnings for many from the pandemic. A significant way to build these relationships is by sharing and discussing how we think with each other. Authentically communicating our needs, frustrations and desires will build deeper trust between us. It has also been proven that teams who collaborate well are more effective and successful.  The Lost Art of Connecting is a new best-selling business book that outlines other ways to re-connect and create more genuine relationships.  And my favorite quote…

   “People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you make them feel.”

 Maya Angelou

Tell us your story…we’d like to hear what your firm is doing to return to the office. And remember, KnowledgeSources is here to help teams reconnect and collaborate in new ways!