Can You Measure Your Team’s Effectiveness?

Maximizing team performance is the fuel that drives high-impact results and productivity within organizations today. But how do we know if a team is operating at full capacity? There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of teams including goal achievement, output and satisfaction levels including personal development. Another key way is to evaluate the team’s day-to-day effectiveness and how much focus is placed on various Whole Brain® areas that make a team successful. Things like:

  • What are the strengths & weaknesses of the team?
  • How does the team perceive itself?
  • Are we leveraging the preferences and skills of our teammates?
  • Where are we focusing our thinking in relation to our specific objective?
  • Are we operating at our maximum potential?
  • What’s working well and what’s slowing us down?
  • What adjustments or realignments do we need to make?
  • How has our team’s performance improved in the last quarter?

Using the Whole Brain® Team Dashboard, newly-formed and existing teams now have the ability to align their thinking and focus on successful everyday interactions and the operational effectiveness of a team. Team members are asked 37 questions based on the Whole Brain® Team Assessment. They are asked their opinion on the CURRENT state of a team’s focus versus what they believe the IDEAL state would be for peak performance. A sample report outlining the gaps in these various areas is shown below:


Key Takeaways:  The report above showcases one consolidated view of a team’s thinking around current versus ideal state.  In this case, the team believes there should be less focus on collaboration and financial analysis and more on taking risks and becoming organized.  This is a very important distinction and shift in the way a team would operate to maximize effectiveness.  In conjunction with the HBDI Team Profile, discussions on finding solutions to these issues and putting specific actions and/or training in place to support this shift would take this team to the next level.  Roles & responsibilities can be assigned based on skills AND preferences.  The Team Dashboard diagnostic can be repeated periodically to determine progress and assess any change.  It would also be important to re-assess if there is a shift in focus, leadership or makeup of the team.

Tell us your story…We’d like to hear from you on what you’ve learned about your team’s overall effectiveness.  Email me or click here to share more in the comments section on our Top Tips page. Others may learn from your story and what you share.  To see a list of all the Top Tips that have been published, please see the complete blog.

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