The Challenge

The results of a world-class team are always very apparent.  They are motivated, productive and nimble.  Most of all, they are highly creative and innovative in what they produce as well as how they take risks, solve problems and make decisions.  The topic has been studied extensively and a variety of factors are key to a team’s success including a high level of trust, diversity of thinking and good communications.

Our Approach

KnowledgeSources uses actual scientific data created from a specific team’s collective thinking.  Each person’s mental preferences are rolled up into one group or team analysis.  This can be scaled to a level that includes the entire organization.  Interventions are tailored based on these analytics to help design a program that will be the most impactful for that team.  Many times, we find a high level of homogenous thinking, so we work with helping them find supplemental thinking or how they may recognize and stretch into areas they have not recognized before.  Awareness is usually the key.  We also provide supplement tools (see below) to guide teams through a Whole Brain process of expanding their thinking outside of the box.

The Challenge Solved

  • Facilitated unique team building sessions to help groups define and create break-through innovations and the mindset of a global world-class team across multiple industries.
  • Supported an executive team that was very left-brained to build a more right-brained, innovative culture.
  • Implemented a train-the-trainer program for human resources executives to offer this training to their internal clients.

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