The Challenge

Communications are an ongoing challenge for all of us…for every person, every team and every organization.  We all think we are communicating well as the sender of messages whether verbally or in emails, but we find that it is the receiver of the message that we must address to make sure our communications are understood.  The issue becomes how can we better understand the best ways to tailor our messages?

Our Approach

What we know is that to effectively communicate with others, we must realize that everyone thinks and perceives the world differently from us.  We see it in the data.  Listening is also key.  We must truly understand that and use it as a guide to help us become more effective in interacting with and understanding others.  Whole Brain® Thinking, and the science behind it, can help us do that…first by recognizing how we individually like to be communicated with and secondly to support us in figuring out how to more effectively communicate with others.  This is true for interpersonal communications as well as giving presentations to wider audiences who all look at the world differently. The Whole Brain® Communications walk-around below maps this out at a high level, describing the general types of communications each quadrant prefers.

The Challenge Solved

  • Created an enterprise-wide common language and communications program for a major pharmaceutical firm.
  • Offered Offsite Programs on Creating Internal Partnerships (Influencing) in both the financial and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Developed individuals on effective presentation skills across multiple industries.
  • Coached senior leaders on communicating effectively to their business unit across multiple divisions of a major financial services organization.

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