The Challenge

It is important for everyone to be a leader in these challenging times.   Great leaders need to balance a variety of skills and competencies that can be challenging to teach.  Many are technically competent, but do they embody the soft skills that make them stand out as truly effective leaders?

Our approach tackles this challenge

The 21st Century Leadership Model below outlines the many competencies required. Looking at the data behind the various mental preferences of our leaders, we find that the brain is still every bit as important as ever, but as Daniel Pink has pointed out…innovative organizations continue to find ways to expand and improve upon how they develop leaders.  KnowledgeSources’ uses this model as a foundational conceptual and competence model for creating effective leadership coaching, development and ongoing consulting programs. It’s important to note that behind everyone’s mental preferences lies a leadership style it particularly embraces. The key, then, is to grow the mindset of leaders and to help them see the distinctions by quadrant and more importantly, be able to blend them into a fused approach.  The goal becomes Agile Thinking for leaders and the ability to highlight the quadrants and modes situationally as needed.

This challenge solved

  • Implemented a Leader as Coach initiative for a business-to-business financial sales organization.
  • Provided Coaching to many, newly appointed executive leaders to sharpen their leadership/management/people skills.
  • Provided ongoing leadership development to a senior team that needed to work across silos and drive more collaboration and innovation across a technology business unit.


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