Remembering your HBDI® Strengths

Recount what you are good at in each quadrant… We are all good at lots of things.  The walk-around below outlines examples of strengths by quadrant and we can see if these strengths align with your preferences. You may find that you don’t connect with everything and in fact… some of your strengths could be in your less preferred quadrants.


What are your preferred quadrants and what specific strengths do you bring to a team and to your work? How do these show up from day-day? Can you think of times you consciously work with people who share your strengths or do you seek out others whose thinking is stronger in different quadrants? What do others bring to the table that can support you?

Key Takeaway: Becoming more aware of your specific strengths even if they are not in one of your strongest quadrants, is important for self-awareness. We can always seek out the assistance and feedback of others if you find you’re not totally clear. It is also helpful to understand if others see you in the same way you see yourself. Think about others you deal with… What strengths do they bring that can best support you as we are all look to work in more collaborative environments and cultures?



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