Maximizing Team Potential using Actual Performance Data!

We all know that teams who collaborate well, share vison, goals & purpose, and can implement solutions strategically, have the keys to success for any intact, cross-functional, or new team. Given our world of massive uncertainty and change, the challenge is to help any team foster and accelerate alignment, agreement, and commitment for radical results.

The Whole Brain methodology and framework has always been used to guide teams to follow a collaboration process and bring diversity of thinking to new solutions. This is an effort to make sure to cover all aspects around innovation, problem solving or decisions that need to be made.

But there are two key questions to ask:

  • How Well do Teams Think They are Doing?
  • How Might we Further Maximize their Potential?

A new diagnostic tool is now available for any teams that have an HBDI and/or Team report. This capability measures how well a team is currently performing against 16 key measures.  It then compares responses to the level of where a team aspires to perform. The metrics are:

Key Takeaways: The Team Effectiveness Dashboard is a starting point for understanding how your team can grow and thrive. The Dashboard is an actual report that is generated from a 10-minute 37-question survey based on the above metrics.  It requires a high level of facilitation by a certified practitioner to probe the meaning and possibilities from a team’s responses. It provides a snapshot of where the team perceives it is currently and its future direction with immediate, actionable insights through this facilitated discussion. It is confidential and offers a self-evaluation on the team’s strengths and challenges as well as where there might be variation in thinking against each of these measures. 

This self-analysis can support teams who have worked together over two months, or through the forming process, and who are poised to reach new levels of their potential.  But the Dashboard may be most useful for teams in crisis…a time when the team’s mettle is truly tested. For example, how do interpersonal relationships and trust hold up in when the going gets rough?

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